With a passion for the natural world, I have used my skill in photography to capture many images of wildlife and landscapes with an aim to inspire people to explore and care for their local habitats and care for the environment on a bigger picture.

Lauren Dobing


About me

Growing up living in Yorkshire, I was inspired by the surrounding wildlife which lead me to extend my vision and passion in nature and caring for the environment. Over the years, I have developed my skills in visual story-telling, digital editing and social media.

But what drives me the most is my passion for the natural world. My hobby turned into a profession when I got my first DSLR in 2013 and I enrolled at Falmouth University to study ‘Marine and Natural History Photography’. We studied a range of environmental topics such as global conservation, sustainability, and biodiversity. I learnt how photography and film has made a powerful impact on conserving the ever changing natural world.

My favourite projects at university were my biodiversity report on red squirrels in the UK, my photography project on European zoos and my dissertation on cetaceans in captivity. I will always aim to challenge my own views and other peoples views through my visual story-telling, and hopefully inspire.